BJ "The DJ" Holiday

BJ "The DJ" Holiday

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Urban League Early Childhood with Gwendolyn Diggs

Minister of Wellness Healing Service and Health Revolution

BJ talks with the Minister of Wellness and wife Dr Chef Ann Jordan about how to eat healthy through scripture and their upcoming Minister of Wellness Ministries Healing Service and Health Revolution.

Point Black with Adolphus Pruitt and Rev Darryl Gray

Point Black is a new community show on KATZ-AM Hallelujah 1600 co-hosted by the President of the St Louis City NAACP and Rev Darryl Gray well known Civil Rights Activist.

MODOT and Project Pave Collaboration

Host BJ talks with members of MODOT (Missouri Department of Transportation) and Project Pave about their partnership to offer internships to high school students to get training in construction engineering.

Dave Sinclair Prostate Cancer Screening Events

Host BJ talks with James Sinclair and Tony Godfrey of the Dave Sinclair Auto Group along with Dr Matt Spellman Urologist for the Urology of St Louis about the Dave Sinclair Prostate Screening events held at (3) of the Dave Sinclair's Dealerships and why it is important for men to get screened every year.

SLACO's Homeowner Summit with Kevin McKinney

Host BJ talks with Kevin McKinney of SLACO (St Louis Association of Community Organizations) about their upcoming Homeowners Summit and how SLACO helps communities get the resources they need.

The All New Biome School with CEO Bill Kent

Host BJ talks with Bill Kent about the all new Biome School, how it is different from other Charter Schools, and how parents can get their children enrolled.

Annie Malone May Day Parade Update

Host BJ talks with the new CEO of Annie Malone Keisha Lee and Board Member Steve Harmon about the May Day Parade happening May 15th in downtown St Louis. Keisha and Steve discuss registration and encouraging bicycle groups to register for the parade.

Normandy School Board Election

BJ talks with Mayor Brian Jackson of City of Beverly Hills and Mayor James McGhee of Vanita Park about the issues in the Normandy School District, the Superintendent Resigning, and School Board. BJ also talks with Normandy School Board candidates Harlan Hodge and Violet Taylor about6 their passion for the Normandy School District.

Legacy Institute Youth Program with Terran Rome

BJ talks with Terran Rome Executive Director of Legacy Institute about their 10 week Youth Program for students 5years of age thru 21 years of age. This program will teach young people about Chess, Entrepreneurship, Black History and more.