Missouri Restaurant Named The Best Sandwich Shop In The State

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Sandwiches are one of the most versatile meals that you can have any time of day, breakfast, lunch or dinner. Whether piled high with deli meats and cheese, slathered in flavorful condiments or made with bakery-fresh bread, there is a perfect combo for everyone just waiting to be made.

Using reviews, awards and writers' experience, LoveFood gathered a list of the best sandwich shop in each state, "from old-school delis still whipping up traditional favorites to quirky, modern joints putting innovative ingredients to work."

So which Missouri restaurant is the best sandwich shop in the state?

Blues City Deli

This St. Louis deli has an incredible selection of delicious sandwiches, including its take on traditional New Orleans-style po'boys and muffulettas. Blues City Deli is located at 2438 McNair Avenue in St. Louis.

Here's what the site had to say:

"This casual spot fancies itself as having 'St. Louis' finest po'boys and muffulettas' and, given its popularity, this may well be true. The original roast beef po'boy is the jewel in Blues City Deli's crown, with hot roast beef, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, and mayo. The 7th Street Sicilian — Genoa salami, cappicola, pepperoni, and provolone with vegetables and Italian vinegar oil — is another tasty pick."

Check out LoveFood's full list to see the best sandwich shops around the country.

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