This Building Was Just Declared The Ugliest In Missouri

Compton Hill Water Tower

Photo: Getty Images

While there are countless examples of breathtaking architecture in the United States —the Empire State Building, the White House, that big wicker basket in Ohio, to name a few— not every building can be a winner. Some are even a bit unsightly.

Travel A Lot recently took a look at the most... questionable buildings each state has to offer in order to compile a list of the ugliest buildings in every state. Ironically, the St. Louis Compton Hill Water Tower was named the biggest eyesore in Missouri (why do I feel sorry for it?). Here's what they had to say about the building:

"Did they run out of the original building supplies for this? Was there a fight about what this tower should look like? This mish-mash building is an eyesore, but it’s also a functioning water tower, so we guess it can stay...for now. However, the unusual towers aren't actually the most controversial things about this property. That honor goes to The Naked Truth--a nude sculpture near the water tower that was gifted to St. Louis by the German-American Alliance in 1914. One donor managed to convince the artist to make the sculpture out of bronze instead of marble in the hopes that it would make the artwork look less nude. "

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