Day Drinkers Needed To Help Train Missouri Deputies

Too much to drink

Photo: Getty Images

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is looking for day drinkers. But don't worry, you're not in trouble.

Sheriff Marshak put out a casting call of sorts on Facebook and Twitter Sunday (January 8) asking for people to come to the station and partake in some adult beverages. "We can provide wine, beer, or liquor," Marshak said. "While we will not be providing Pappy Van Winkle, we promise not to serve you cheap wine or rail liquor. We appreciate our volunteers more than that." Deputies will even give those who participate a free ride home.

Here's the catch: the volunteers have to assist the deputies by testing their field sobriety training during a "wet lab." After the field sobriety check, the volunteers will take a breathalyzer test to "determine (their) level of intoxication." The wet labs will be conducted this afternoon, as well as Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.

After noticing some confusion in the community about the wet lab, the Sheriff's office answered some frequently asked questions. They said that "this has been the standard for law enforcement certification for decades" and also clarified that they do not use taxpayer funds to purchase alcohol.

Unfortunately, the department has already found all of the volunteers needed for this wet lab, but if you're interested, there's bound to be another one eventually. Afterall, it is standard curriculum.

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