This Missouri City Has The Worst Potholes In The State

Potholes In The Middle Of A Mountain Road

Photo: Getty Images

Everyone knows the horrible clunk your car makes when it hits a pothole. It's a sound that strikes fear in all who hears it, as even a small pothole can produce a large amount of damage. In fact, AAA estimates U.S. drivers spend nearly $3 billion a year fixing damage caused by potholes. If you want to avoid this cost, you might want to keep reading.

QuoteWizard recently compiled a list of the states with the worst pothole problems, as well as cities with the worst pothole problems. Here was the methodology behind their ranking:

"QuoteWizard analyzed search data for pothole-related complaints and repairs for each state over the last year. The search index average is rounded and represents the number of queries in a particular state/location compared to other states."

So, what's the worst city in Missouri for potholes? Kansas City. It came in at No. 8 with a search index average of 29. As a whole, Missouri comes in as the 19th worst state for potholes in America. Michigan grabbed the top spot.

"Michigan has the worst potholes in the nation, but Indiana, Rhode Island and Washington state aren’t far behind. Our team of analysts looked at Google search statistics over the last year. We found that Michigan has more searches for pothole-related complaints than any other state. Wyoming, Nebraska and Delaware have the fewest potholes."

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