Deer Flies Through Windshield, Into Cab Of Missouri Semi-Truck

Deer caught in headlights on rural road

Photo: Getty Images

A deer recently crashed through a semi-truck's windshield and into the cab of the vehicle before exiting through the rear window, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP).

The incident happened on Saturday (November 12) at 12:45 p.m. along Highway 136 west of Livonia, according to an online traffic crash report. 29-year-old Courtney Kline of Unionville was traveling eastbound when she hit a deer. The impact flung the deer into the air and sent it clear through the the cab of an on-coming semi-truck. The semi was being driven by 50-year-old Jamison Harbison of Richland, Iowa, at the time.

Miraculously, no one involved was seriously injured in the incident, according to the crash report. However, Harbison did suffer minor injuries and was taken by ambulance to Putnam County Hospital in Unionville. Kline was not injured at all. Both drivers were buckled up at the time of the freak accident.

According to a new study conducted by Washington University, the return to standard time from daylight savings time (which occurred the weekend of November 11) dramatically increases the frequency of deer collisions with vehicles. They found the rate of drivers hitting deer increased by 16% nationwide following the return to standard time.

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