This Missouri City Is One Of The Most Family-Friendly In The US

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A lot of factors go into determining what makes a city family-friendly. These factors might include public school rankings, home and rent prices, crime rates and more. If you're looking to move somewhere family-friendly, but don't have time to crunch the numbers or conduct a bunch of research, we're here to help.

StorageCafe recently compiled a list of the best cities in the United States for families with children. Here's how they made their ranking:

"With location in mind, we wanted to find out which places are best equipped to cater to the family lifestyle. To do that, we selected the 100 most populous cities for which data was available and ranked them across a series of criteria touching on public school ratings, safety, socio-economic factors — home prices, rent, income, childcare cost etc. — share of families with children, cultural and outdoor recreation opportunities and more. We also included self storage among the metrics as it’s a valuable service frequently used by families to help them manage their home space."

One Missouri city made it in the top 40 most family-friendly cities in the United States: Kansas City ranked No. 37. Overall, Plano, Texas, was named the best city for families with children in the United States.

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