This Is The Creepiest Place To Visit In Missouri

Ghost Town Night.

Photo: Getty Images

Every state has its own urban legends and bone-chilling stories of places that are reportedly haunted year-round, not just on Halloween. These sites include old state hospitals, abandoned homes and hotels that are so terrifying only the brave (or the dead) dare to tread foot on their premises.

If you're looking to take a guided tour or a solo walk through the darkness of one of these destinations, Thrillist recently compiled a list of the creepiest places where ghosts are rumored to patrol in each state. They named Main Street in St. Charles as the scariest place to visit in Missouri. Here's what they had to say about it:

"This multicolored main drag looks like the perfect setting for a Midwestern horror movie: charming, peaceful Main Street USA that’s actually haunted by dozens of roaming spirits. The legend dates to 1853 when the old Borromeo Cemetery was moved and a number of the graves they dug up had no bodies in them. Those spirits are rumored to haunt the shops at 700 South Main Street, where objects vanish inexplicably and mysterious cooking smells emerge—as does, apparently, a deep-speaking French voice. The town is also home to a haunted community college, a haunted high school, and a haunted forest."

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