See Where Missouri Ranks In Risk Of Being Attacked By Wildlife

Black Bear

Photo: Getty Images recently released a study that examined how high the risk of people encountering dangerous animals is in each state. The research found four categories of animal attacks that were the most common across the country. Mammal attacks were the number one source of fatal encounters, followed by bug and insect bites, interactions with snakes and lizards, and marine deaths, in that order.

The research also showed Missouri has had 109 fatal animal attacks since 2000. This means that Missouri ranks twelfth in the top 25 U.S. states with the highest number of animal attacks. To put that into perspective, Texas was ranked at number one with 559 fatal animal attacks in the same time frame. Vermont, North Dakota and New Hampshire were all at the bottom of list, each having gone without a single fatal animal attack since 2000.

So, what is the average Missouri resident's chance of having a fatal wildlife encounter while in the state? The risk factor for having such an encounter is one in 56,742. That leaves Missouri somewhere towards the top of the ranking when it comes to chances of being involved in a fatal attack by wildlife.

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