This Is The Most Scenic Road In Missouri

Snaking the Missouri River

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There are few things as relaxing as a long, winding drive with a view. The most scenic road in Missouri provides just that. The 23-mile road takes drivers through a forest with the opportunity to encounter wildlife. If you get lucky enough, you may get to see bright colored patches of flowers that bring birds and butterflies out near the road. So, roll your windows down and get ready to enjoy the ride!

According to Stacker, the most scenic road to take in Missouri is the Glade Top Trail. The Glade Top Trail allows drivers to travel directly through the Mark Twain National Forest. The route follows a long trail where drivers are able to see wildlife local to Missouri, including various species that are endangered. Stacker mentions how beautiful the area is in the Summer months with all of the flowers.

Here is what Stacker had to say about Glade Top Trail:

"Cutting through the Mark Twain National Forest, the glades of this 23-mile trail are home to the roadrunner and Bachman's sparrow, a state endangered species. In the summer months, the rolling countryside is covered in yellow and purple coneflowers, daisy-like flowers that attract both birds and butterflies."

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