You Need To Try This Popular Food In Missouri

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The most popular food to try in Missouri is a bit deceptive, but definitely not surprising.

According to a list compiled by Mashed, one of the most popular foods to try in Missouri is the toasted ravioli. The funny thing about this food is that it's not even toasted; it is fried. This cuisine is very popular in the St. Louis area and is known as "t-rav" by locals.

Here is what Mashed had to say about toasted ravioli in Missouri:

"Missouri's beloved toasted ravioli is not actually toasted, it's fried. Which is why it's amazing. Often called t-rav by locals, this food shows that sometimes you should in fact gild the lily. Because while a meat and cheese-filled ravioli pocket is a delight on its own, surprise, surprise, when you bread it and then deep fry it, it's even better. There are a few competing stories as to who first invented this fried masterpiece, but suffice it to say the stuff is definitely a St. Louis original that appeared some time in the 1940s and has been a staple ever since. So the next time you go to the (oddly nicknamed) Show Me State, ask someone to show you some toasted ravioli. And then eat it."

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