10 Great Things A Wife Can Do for Her Husband

As we're laying out ideas and plans for the New Year, how's about a resolution to put in a little extra something for hubbies? Lori Freeland, a Crosswalk.com Contributor has this excellent list that I'm going to adopt in my "new" approach with the Mr. 

These are 5 of the 10 great ways a wife can do for her husband that I know will make a world of difference in every marriage:



3. CARRY HIS BURDEN - One of the best parts of being married is not having to be alone!

4. SPEAK HIS LOVE LANGUAGE - after you discover it....use it! Take the time to notice what makes him feel closer to you; what makes him smile, what makes him feel special, and what makes him feel like your number one. 

5. LET HIM BE HIMSELF - He got your attention with his personality, his smile and…you fill in the blank with all the things you loved about your guy at first. He’ll grow, adapt, and change with God’s help. Accept him for who he is today.

Check out the full list and article here

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