This Amazing Post Proves How The Smallest Things Can Make Huge Differences

If you've ever thought small gestures don't have much of an impact, check out this post from a former babysitter: 

In it, a woman describes how when she was 12, she babysat for a little girl who would show off the artwork she made, like one particular pink piece. The babysitter used a special voice to point out everything great about the artwork, much to the delight of her ward. At the end of the night, the girl would ask if she really liked it and the babysitter would get serious and say yes. 

Well that little girl has grown up and was just accepted into three art schools. She wrote her former babysitter a letter revealing the news and saying, "Thank you to somebody who saw the best in me." The letter also included the pink artwork from her youth. 

Photo Credit: Getty 


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