Here's Where You Can Find The Best Bagel In Missouri

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The best thing about bagels is that there is always one for everyone —From plain bagels for those who like to keep things simple, to everything bagels for those who suffer from the "too much" gene. You can keep them classy by topping them with a traditional scoop of sour cream, or go wild and slather them in guacamole. The world is truly your bagel.

Eat This, Not That! recently compiled a list of the best bagels in every state. They scoured reviews, talked to locals and looked back on some of their own travels across the country to make the list. Throughout their searching, they kept in mind the fact that the best bagel shop has "fresh-baked bagels, the best toppings and fixin's available, and lots of loyal customers."

Without further ado, the best bagels in Michigan can be found at Protzel's Delicatessen in Clayton. Here's what Eat This, Not That! had to say about it:

"This old-school deli offers a simple bagel with cream cheese and lox that one reviewer said was 'like going into a deli on 2nd Ave in NYC.' High praise!"

Check out the full list of the best bagel shops in the United States via Eat This, Not That!

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