Black Family's Home, Vehicle Vandalized With Racist Graffiti

A Warren couple in Michigan had their home vandalized with racist graffiti, with “Black Lives Matter Not Welcome” scratched into the side of their pickup truck.

Candace and Eddie Hall told WXYZ Detroit they were relaxing inside their home when they suddenly heard hissing sounds, which was the air seeping out of their vehicle’s tires. A large rock was also thrown through their living room window, a swastika, and the words "terrorist" and "get out" was scribbled into the side of their vehicle as well. The rock landed on their couch, leaving glass all across their living room.

"As I was walking through the room, all I hear is a crash," Candace said. "Glass was flying. I dropped to the floor and started crawling. I was scared. My husband says 'call the police.'"

Both of their vehicles were damaged, and the truck also prominently shows Eddie is a veteran.

“I went and fought for my country — two wars — come back everything good and now it’s like I’m at war in my own house now. I’ve got to be on guard," Eddie said.

Candace posted a video of the vandalism on Facebook.

Candace said she believes the racially motivated vandalism was because a Black Lives Matter sign is highly visible in their yard, but she said the sign will not be removed. The couple's 18-year-old son was also home during the vandalism. They also have a 16-year-old daughter, but she was not home at the time.

"There is tension around here," Candace said." "We are good with the neighborhood. There is tension because of Black Lives Matter and white supremacists."

The couple also drew support from Warren Mayor Jim Fouts, who released a statement in response to the vandalism.

“I'm outraged and upset by a cowardly act of what appears to be a racially motivated attack on a home and vehicle of an African American family in Warren,” Fouts wrote. “This attack occurred yesterday evening. This is completely unacceptable and will NOT be tolerated in our city. The Warren Police Department and Commissioner Bill Dwyer are on the job and will conduct a complete investigation.”

Warren police detectives collected evidence from the home and will investigate the vandalism as a possible hate crime.

"We are shook up from this," Candace said. "We are not running. I am not going to take my sign down. We are not leaving. We are standing our ground. I want people to know we are not hateful people. We are forgiving people. We are praying for them and that God will take the hate out of their hearts."

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